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The Vault Sessions: Premium Self-Transformation Series


Ready to get the MOST Self-Transformation value & results to date without the expenses of a live workshop or Immersion Party?  Check out the...


Vault 2 [Full HD]

Now Available - Instant Access




We've sold out past events doing the CORE of what we do which is within the Vault Series here...brought straight to you in full color HD! 


Maybe you couldn't make it to Europe, Asia or the U.S. for our past events as a single man who wants to be authentically confident, natural and successful with women and dating, but now you can get the core power and results of a live experience with infinite replayability (and you'll want it because of how it works).


Our stuff is SO transformational for you because we work with sex energy directly and transmute it (alchemy).  If you're into Natural Grounding you'll want to consider investing in the Vault to get FAR more power and results out of it while saving yourself from 100's of hours on your own.


A big feature of the Vault Sessions is that we do MAJOR transformational stuff; we go through big experiences ourselves OPENLY in hardcore states of consciousness (and spiritual connection) so you are influenced by our energy.


If you want to be powerfully attractive to women, working with sex energy is the most transformational thing you could do to get most directly to what you desire in the areas of sexual attraction with women, rockstar performance charisma, alignment with purpose, drive, vitality and professional creativity.


The MORE powerfully you can work with sex energy or be affected by it, the faster your transformation will be.



(Vault 2 includes real Qi & sexual polarity energy work...referenced and taught separately in QiNG Video training)


Vault Session 2 brings you the experience with Etienne and I, 2 Western Masters of sexual alchemy for major and awakening transformation and results to the comfort of your own private viewing space!


You can reserve your instant online lifetime access @ the bottom of the page.



"Yeah, I think, minutes like 12-16 of the last video on vault 1, I'm having the greatest natural grounding experience, of my life. Some of my best experiences have been with the Good Life video, but then your grounding to it takes me to a whole 'nother level of RiDuLouSLy -!!!-higher conscious tears.


I think I'm going to derive a whole hell of a lot more than $277 worth of value out of this!!!   :-)  & I might even end up watching it more than I did Star Wars as a kid...


 Course, I probably watched the original 3 at least 30 times *each* growing up... Then again its midnight & I've been grounding to Vault 1 / studying the last two videos for almost six hours & just taking a break to remember what breathing normally felt like..." - E.S.




Really awesome Rion! Thanks for opening up and sharing your experience with us (in Vault 1). I look forward to future vaults. Kaizen! ;-)
Stay Gold!   -Marc




WHY is it so powerful? 


First of all, it's not just 2 guys on a couch just watching videos, goofing around and having fun (what it looks like on the surface)..it's hardcore spiritual, sexual and emotional alchemy that brings MAJOR transformation FAST. 


Sex energy has the power to change your reality faster than anything; you just have to know how to use it and it's the core of attraction itself.


Just keep reading if you're interested b/c this is an investment in yourself that we want to make sure you're ready for because you will be affected on your own sexual, emotional and spiritual levels of consciousness to remove YEARS of limitations and conditioned programming through the Law of Resonance.


And don't worry, it's not just us having some laughs and a good time.  Because it is so advanced;


It is best if you're already introduced to the methodology of Natural Grounding, Entertaining Success (entertainment meditation) or transformational media experience so that you can dive in to get value immediately.




First though;


If You're a Single Man...


..who is tired of having to play games to get women attracted to you and/or would rather just have women INTO YOU (which is when everything can work instead of struggling like a PUA), you'll want to DROP all inner game and get into sex energy.


Everything WORKS when a woman is into you because attraction isn't a choice (ref: DYD).  And she feels this from you initially the first 3 seconds.


The entire PUA community is founded on trying to make women feel attraction for you when they already DON'T.  That's the entire PARADIGM.  When if women were just 'into them', they wouldn't have to play any games or suffer.


But what actually has women FEEL attraction for you? 


How do you actually get women 'into you' and wanting to be with you without games or coercion?


The answer is sex energy. 


Sex energy is in your presence and it's what makes them feel attraction



People just didn't know how to directly cultivate that before, so they resorted to thinking it was something you 'did' (or tried to get her to feel for you).


When it comes to sexual attraction and chemistry, SEX ENERGY and presence is where it's at.  That is WHY some men have women all over them and others don't.  Women just know something and feel it right away.


Bad boys?  Naturals?  Put any of their personal dysfunction aside and women are into them (sexually) because they have sex energy and presence.


And if you DON'T work on your sex energy so that women naturally and authentically FEEL something real for you, you may realistically be relegated to YEARS of disconnection and everything that already may mean in your life. 


Chances are, that's where you're already at (but Natural Grounding may have helped, however there is much more b/c until you have rockstar energy there is something you're not embodying; a higher truth about yourself).


So what actually DIRECTLY develops your presence, sex energy and the natural ability to have real women really into you (akin to how attracted they are to rockstars) is sexual alchemy. 


It's far more important than working on body language (or doing affirmations) b/c the sex energy itself is the core of sexual attraction which then expresses through the body.


Sexual alchemy is the transmutation of sex energy and it's what Etienne and I have become advanced practitioners of in the West.




Although Tao sexuality and tantra also works with sexual energy and sex transmutation, it's done in more of an inner, life-renewing force with Tao and more of a deeper, intimate connection with a partner in Tantra.


What we do with sexual alchemy is primarily sexual polarity meditation which is the #1 sexual attraction technique / method in the world. 


It's called Natural Grounding.


But just doing Natural Grounding doesn't mean you're getting BIG results or transformation; let alone even CLOSE to what's possible that could change your life from  Beta to Alpha in an instant.


Just 'doing Natural Grounding' could be closer to watching videos and getting a good feeling here and there.  That's not where the power is.


The power is in working with conscious sex energy itself and how it heals and transforms your consciousness  have rockstar sex energy and charisma when nothing else would work.


We work with the yin and divine feminine a lot which holds infinite transformational power.


It's the guaranteed power to resolve all of your sexual issues, frustrations and anxieties and become an awakened natural man who is powerfully wanted and desired by women when they are around him (and even not around him).


Sexual alchemy and the transmutation of sex energy itself is what gets the real results and Etienne and I (although we are ALWAYS awakening more), are the masters of this with media in the West. 


This is so central and important that I'm repositioning my entire brand around my expertise of sex energy and sexual alchemy (trimming the fat and amping up the core of what works the most with this).


We have massive experience and embodiment and we have built our alchemical abilities over the years which means our live events and Immersion Parties change lives.


This isn't just us watching videos on Youtube; alchemy is an entirely different reality. 


Our experience builds upon it so say in an average 5 seconds of one of our advanced states, may only be felt by a few people in the world at that time while most people never reach those levels of consciousness and even those doing Natural Grounding could add hours of their peak states and it would be small in comparison to a fractional dose of ours.  This is only because we have more experience and connection which is always awakening.  We ourselves associate with other masters and goddesses.


You could do Natural Grounding for 100s of hours 'on your own' and barely scratch the surface of what we do in 10 seconds in the Vault 2 with rockstar levels of sexual alchemy.


It's the sexual alchemy (the ACTUAL transmutation of qi and conscious sex energy) that we do that actually transforms you to have powerful sexual energy and attractive magnetism with the feminine within women. 


(Because remember if she doesn't feel something for you, you literally are left to create something that doesn't exist, coerce it out of her or just struggle with the lack thereof - this is where friend zone comes in).


So if you value having women into you, where there just IS a connection so that she is open to actually seeing you again (and things just work), then you want to directly get into sex energy work and sexual alchemy so women can instantly and naturally 'feel it' for you; and that something of a spark when you first meet her is all you have to have to start something real with her.


With Vault 2, we bring rockstar levels of sex energy to you via association and the Law of Resonance so your energy is affected and changes.


And the MORE powerful your sex energy, the more powerful the attraction as well as the general level of beauty you'll be able to attract and hold.


Sexual alchemy in the way we do it working with the Divine Masculine and Feminine is the most direct and core thing POSSIBLE in the world that you can do for sexual attraction. 


With Vault 2 you go straight into mastery levels of this power and leverage led by Rion and Etienne to save yourself years of ineffective work in becoming an empowered, aligned, confident and attractive man that is respected and wanted by women.


By working with Goddess power and knowing HOW to transmute it (we bring the experience to you via association AND instruction), you essentially connect with the God-power within you as a Man.


If you're a man, you too can have women turn into goddesses in front of you because your Presence is connecting with their presence.  This is the stuff to work on practically and directly (which we do) to have attraction instead of coerce attraction that isn't there.




This is about BECOMING and BEING a more powerful man by removing the shells and illusions of your false identity and allowing your Rockstar sex energy to shine in both embodiment and expression.




So if you want women into you, get into sexual alchemy and work with your own sex energy to connect to and express your greater power and truth.  Yes, this is very advanced stuff and it's an investment in yourself.


And this is what we bring the EXPERIENCE OF with the Vault 2 so you can go straight to the real transformation and save yourself YEARS of time (or decades) of NOT having women into you and finally getting real things going (where dating, sex and attraction becomes FUN and you can have real, hot girlfriends or dates with no limits on the level of sexual and other connection with her).





Just how important is it for a woman to be 'into you' when it comes to anything manifesting?  It's everything.  And she 'knows'.  Her 'knowing' either works for you or against you in a potential relationship with her (esp. a sexual one).


It can be SO powerful, she'll sense in 3 seconds that her body may want to sleep with you (or be your girlfriend).


If she doesn't feel anything for you, you may be left in the friendzone in those first 3 seconds if you're not communicating sexual power and presence that affects her.


DEVELOP YOUR PRESENCE and 'being' a greater, wanted man so that when those 3 seconds come, there is no 'acting' but a reality of power and attraction.  It's not in 'gaming or manipulating', it's in being that aligned man with greater presence.



Here's some of the lyrics of Jennifer Lopez's song "I'm into you"


"You got me and I could not defend her
I tried but I had to surrender
Your star got me under the spellbound
Left me no other choice but to get down...


..When I look into your eyes it's over
You got me hooked with your love controller
I'm tripping and I can not get over
I'm feeling lucky like a four leaf clover.."


Songwriters: Eriksen, Mikkel / Hermansen, Tor Erik / Cruz, Taio.
© EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.


Ask yourself if you would rather have this reality of power with women, this EFFECT;


OR one in which you believe you fundamentally have to coerce a woman into feeling something for you (and then take pride when you 'win' or 'game' her over)


Which one FEELS right to you?


Now ask yourself if those feelings are real that a woman can have for a man?

Real or not real?  Real. 


Ok...maybe they have not been real towards YOU much, but yes those are very real. 


 Which man do you want to be?  The pursuer and manipulator who struggles to gain her attraction and has to settle with rejection or at best affection (and friendzone)?


Or the reality of a woman being into you when everything can work out for both of you and you can just LIVE in that sexual, spiritual and emotional connection with her (instead of fantasy) b/c you're the greater man that she wants?


Sexual attraction is not about manipulative conquest, it's about connection.  Spiritual truth IS connection.  (And yes you can have 'connection' with more than one woman btw).


When a woman is 'into you' (if you've had it before), that's the very real reality of how it can be.  Now think of the level of power rockstars have.  They have it because of their sex energy and alignment with life in relation to the feminine. 


When you first meet her, there has to be just enough of a connection for you to potentially develop but if you don't have 'it' (sex energy and presence), nothing may develop to anywhere so you're left alone and frustrated.


Why does all of this matter?  Sex energy is the force of life attraction and creation itself.  If you want real and powerful sexual attraction, sexual polarity is everything so as you cultivate your own spiritual and sexual power and Qi as well as its relation to the divine feminine, you become a direct FORCE of sexual attraction (even a genius or a super producer!)


Rockstars, movie stars and celebrities (let's look at men) are MOST in alignment with this reality in relation to the opposite sex so the attraction is the strongest. Generally they're unconscious competents but they have a reason to have more power so they have more influence.


They are closer to 'Life' and could literally sleep with millions of women.  They have POWER and power is an aphrodisiac.  Sexual power beyond their personal, ego self and subconscious self-sabotage. 


Power which you have also but you have not yet tapped into.


They actually have women SWOON over them.  Take away the fame and social power and put their presence and sex energy in a room and 1-on-1 with a woman.  She will FEEL something that is beyond her conscious control that she hasn't felt with YOU before.


The more beautiful women want connection to power themselves, you can be that man when you represent something beyond your personal self.


The core of attraction;


Sex energy is the FORCE OF LIFE expressing through a movie star beyond his personal self.  He has more POWER because he is not just in alignment with life but because he transcends himself and his personal ego and any suckiness to EMBODY AND EXPRESS this greater power of sex.


Inner Game is not sexual.  Sexual polarity is EVERYTHING when it comes to the core of sexual attraction itself and having women into you so that things just work.  And we've been working directly with it for years. 


Natural Grounding has already changed 1000s of men's lives around the world but the reason it works at all is because of sexual alchemy.  When you just dive into association with masters of sexual alchemy you get far more power and transformation yourself; levels of reality that you haven't yet awakened to.




Most 'normal' guys suffering are living OUT of touch with this greater sexual power and truth so they are nothing close to having women 'feel it' around them.


You have a reason for being here and it may be your greater purpose, success or sexual attraction.  Working with sex energy will do miracles in your life.


Attraction isn't about manipulation to get her to feel something for you (the dysfunctional foundation upon pick-up arts), it's your level of alignment with Life itself; your sex energy and Presence.


So if you really want women 'into you', work on your sex energy.


And work on sex energy we do!  In the Vault 2!


This is a resource that is meant to be accessed an unlimited number of times.  It's something you don't passively watch but that in which you really get engaged with.


Some of the time we are just kicking back, other times giving you great insight and training.



You'll find the insights to be worth the investment in Vault 2 alone.  But it's where we really get into the high levels of exxperience yourselves that you will benefit the most from.


The Vault 2 allows you to leverage our level of connection, embodiment, power and experience to have far greater transformation.  Media has power and the same conscious energy (non-physical) still comes across in digital media.


This is the highest level of transformational entertainment media experience ever captured in the world to date.  Alchemy is FAR different than a normal escapist consumer experience with media.


Join us and some of the most enlightened performers in the world for transformation and big results that will pay off even 100x for you with the Vault 2.


We both charge around $997/hour and you get the MOST power and value we bring when we are simply IN the advanced states of consciousness.


We are channeling very powerful, spiritual, healing energy that MELTS THROUGH the years of B.S. conditioning and the stronghold your subconscious has on preventing you from truly being present, powerful, aligned, attractive and wanted as a man.


All resolution of problems is through higher consciousness and this is what we actually bring; the EXPERIENCE of as we resonate on virtually enlightened levels of spiritual, sexual and emotional levels of consciousness.


It all works because of the Law of Resonance.


This Law simply states that we resonate with that which we are associated with.  The weaker signal will attune to the higher frequency so that both frequencies are in tune.


So by associating with far higher conscious energies like in enlightened performances captured in media; your own conscious frequencies rise via RESONANCE.  So you actually feel the transformation through your own conscious frequencies rising (emotional, sexual, spiritual) to resonate with more enlightened energy.


As you access the conscious power and frequencies beyond your personal field of experience, you have more POWER that you can use to heal and transmute in different ways.  If you just associated with enlightened energy your'e going to start becoming enlightened yourself because of the Law of Resonance.


Alchemy is the transmutation of those higher experiential frequencies.  Einstein said that your problem cannot be resolved at the same level (of consciousness) it was created.  So by leveraging the Law of Resonance with far higher conscious energy which IS aligned, attractive, sexual, you become that equal like a movie star, God or Goddess yourself via association.


This is what we're doing with media.  I, Rion alone has been doing this energy work with media for over 10,000 hours and am the only known pioneer of what we do as alchemy with entertainment media.  As far as we know of, even the East and spiritual leaders have not connected the gaps with the power of media in our daily lives yet.


With the Vault, you are going to the SOURCE itself and giving your consciousness the EXPERIENCE of transformation far beyond just knowing about things or what to do logically.


And this is all a FUN, experiential process that becomes pleasantly addicting.  I can't get enough and doing what we do has replaced my own personal entertainment by over 90% the past 7 years.



So if you want the fastest path to evolve; associate with masters because don't have your problems and through association, you resolve your issues so life becomes fun and full of attraction and success.


Masters EMBODY a higher awareness, knowing and reality; they don't just 'think it' or know it logically which gives more INFLUENCE in their Presence. 


With Vault 2 you are experiencing & leveraging our levels of embodiment.


So by simply associating with our energy which we are channeling (like an antennae) from some of the most enlightened energy in worldwide media with the Law of Resonance, we become conduits of this healing power.




At live events we have had people almost leave their body, convulse in releasing (but without the seething), anti-age 15 years, experience lifetime releases within minutes or seconds, connect to their Higher Self, open up to tremendous Qi life force energy through them and more to have the results of powerful presence, performance rockstar energy and charisma, top level creativity, alignment with purpose and powerful attraction with women.


We've also had men go from utter depression to becoming coach level themselves because of how fast transformation can occurs.


We will shift your entire foundation of reality and give you the EXPERIENCE of a divine one so you don't have to keep releasing for years and years.


Again, it all works because of the Law of Resonance and if you're doing Natural Grounding, it doesn't mean you're accessing the levels of sex energy that you COULD be.


We are channels of a higher connection for you to evolve far faster than everything else especially in this area with sex energy.  We also do spiritual and emotional alchemy as well to evolve your consciousness massively on those levels during the session. 


Associating with our energy, spiritual and sexual connection, it will automatically influence you directly and indirectly on deeper levels especially when you start meditating (silencing your mind) and actively getting engaged with us.


It saves you YEARS of frustration and struggle only getting a 'little' value out of it or 'things worked once and then you stopped with NG'.  Dive into the Vault 2 if you're ready for the BIG TIME.


Experience the Vault 2 and you will find women just start being interested in you and it's because you're getting in touch with your greater sexual power!




On December 14th-15th, 2013 in Play del Carmen we recorded the most legendary session and 'all-nighter' ever captured YET!  It single-handedly contains the power for life changing transformation without having to be at one of our events. 




Sexual alchemy and getting around my energy when I'm in peak states is what is of the most value to my people and has transformed the most lives the FASTEST.  You don't even have to be into Natural Grounding or what we do (sexual transmutation), but by getting around our energy you LEVERAGE all of our experience to transform much faster.  Now, it's in your hands when you get Vault 2 experience. 


For years, my 'sessions' have been the absolute CORE of my miraculous transformation and they have been PRIVATE until I finally opened up at a live workshop in Montreal and showed them what I do...and things started being VERY TRANSFORMATIONAL.  Since then we've had sold-out Immersion Parties (in Asia and Europe) where we do this stuff all week-end long and it massively evolves their lives.


Are YOUR sessions legendary?  They will start being so once you get into the Vault series.


WARNING:  INTENSE STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS POSSIBLE (& expected)...some of our live event attendees are so awakened and rocked by all of this that they go on a spiritual path.  This stuff also handles the entirety of your sex life issues & desires.  Vault 2 is the fast-track (then, just keep meeting or dating women to gauge your results).


"I've been watching the first two videos of the Vault Series yesterday and I felt some very powerful energy activations in my body. Awesome session! It's like I'm in the room with you and Etienne, which makes for a completely different experience. Instead of just being in front of a computer on my own, I'm now masterminding with you two and I can feel the increased power.
You talked about David Hawkins' Map of Consciousness and the LOC calibrations in the first video. Interestingly, I've just started an intense 3-month course based on the work of Hawkins to increase my Level of Consciousness..So it's not a coincidence that you're talking about this now in the Vault. I was wondering if you've calibrated some of your sessions and also some of the artists and music videos you use?"
Have an awesome day!   -Steven



It's like having a real, immersive session with us (where of all the things you get from me, gets you the MOST value) but in ways it's better b/c you have infinite rewatchability.


 Invest in yourself this holiday season by reserving your Vault 2 for the most progressive sexual attraction, anxiety resolving, confidence awakening work.  Leverage our alignment with life itself and sexuality to get results fast and powerfully.




Natural Grounding is the #1 sexual attraction technique in the world and now you get the real experience of Rion & Etienne doing Natural Grounding very powerfully including Qi NG so that through association and the Law of Resonance you get the fastest changes yet.



"I find the QiNG program your greatest achievement and creation yet because of its immense magnitude, scope and because it is absolutely revolutionary.

Like an amplifier which was on standbye before and now switched on.
Like having access to only about 40% potential and now 100% or ever expanding potential etc.

The Vault series...an unforgettable experience like a live event.

I have been thinking the whole weekend about what to write because you cannot just go:

'Great product' or, 'Rion's best product ever!'  Although these statements are very positive it wouldn't do service to the magnificence of it.

To someone who has just downloaded all five files and is preparing for a session, let me tell you this:  'Get ready to be transformed'


The samples on youtube with Etienne are a good introduction to what you will be getting but as Etienne rightfully wrote: 'we were just warming up'

I downloaded all five files the same day I got your access mail and watched everything in one row.  The introduction with you alone was very interesting with new videos and insights.  When Etienne joined we had a kind of a warm up. Quite loose and a light party state.  Whereas the further in the series when you were solo again things started getting more intense..

With the Vault Series:

The first hit of strong emotions for me was when I saw the geeyourlove video which was quite an experience in the immersion party...

..When you said 'this stuff changes f*cking lives!' I had tears in my eyes too.

and the last parts with first Palmy and finally - and Rion, I think my reaction to this video during the IP made you realize how strong this video actually is, especially at the right moment - with the Heaven on Earth Good life video:

I collapsed exactly like during the (sold out transformational entertainment) Immersion Party. (it was only a little shorter because you didn't repeat the video partially like you did during the IP but the intensity was the same)

The surprise effect is very powerful and something you cannot have when controlling the flow of songs in a session yourself.  Here you are guided and each next song is unexpected

Who wrote "Don't worry, we will leave you inconsolable during the event" before the Budapest IP?  That was Rion, the clairvoyant :)

I didn't expect it actually and during the second day on the IP in Budapest thought it wouldn't happen and was even a bit disappointed that I couldn't get more emotional .
till it finally and totally unexpected happened.

Well, that transforms.

And this video series here, that transformed too.  -D.W. -Europe



Grab Your Vault 2

(link clicks to below to then check out)


You'll Laugh, You'll Cry,

You'll be transformed.


Oh..and this is the FUTURE of entertainment experience here now (we're light years ahead).


And people will KNOW and feel the results around you after you do some time with the Vault 2. 



They may even wonder if you're the same man.  So are you ready for something BIG?



It's not uncommon for our attendees after going through the session experience (just like Vault), that women who ignored them are into them and calling them, that they hook up with women afterwards (consensual) or that they even go on a great spiritual awakening.


You will get what you want out of it (what your Soul wants) and then when you come back for more, you'll have an entirely new experience.


Remember, having the session on video still has the same power to influence your consciousness which is great for you if you can't always make it to a live workshop or an expensive private session. 


This gift may be the greatest investment in yourself yet for your ongoing self-transformation.


There are 1000s of nuances and insights including freezeframes you can extract and attune to on your own. 


Vault 2 is more experiential than the last session with less prelude and Etienne is there for almost the entirety.



Remember, this isn't us just 'having a blast'...this is the most advanced transformation with media in the world from master sexual alchemists (we transmute the power into RESULTS and reality). 


So you can put it to use for the FULL 90 DAYS to experience for yourself!


Vault 2 in your corner as a power resources will help you to become a 10 of a man and step into your greatness, purer expression, power and higher consciousness.


It's a MEGA TRANSFORMATIONAL resource based on experience (not just the talking about it).  For those that criticized I was too logical in the past; this is the real Rion where you get the transformational value and experience that is priceless in becoming a greater, more aligned man; the value that those who have been to our live events have experienced. 


 Remember, I've done over 10,000 hours of this stuff!



Here are some of our guest appearances:  SNSD, Morning Musume, Annita, Superyang (that's right baby!) for some powerful qi masculine grounding and MUCH MUCH MORE in this 3 hour 45 minute raw footage format (actual final time may vary but will be more than Vault 1).


BONUS: *Etienne leads a special alchemical meditation

(worth the price of admission alone)


*And Video Introductions by each of us




The statements here are from Vault 1, so git ready for Vault 2!!


"Best product you've put out. I'll say more later probably, but it has the perfect mix of talking and more 'experiential' stuff. Also, Etienne's got a really infectious laugh" - G.M.


Remember that my OWN sessions (now being shared here) are the absolute CORE and primary go-to weapon for my own miraculous advancements (including master of sexual attraction & dating).


What levels are YOU associating with?  When the world around you is dragging you down and your past programs are working against you, leverage the enlightening, empowering and awakening transformational power of the Vault 2 to become that greater man and FAST. 


 It's GUARANTEED TO LIFT YOU UP into an immersive new experience and reality.


And if you didn't get the power out of NG before, now you will...it'll start really affecting you because of how powerfully we're working with sex energy and transmuting it.


 Again, this is the exact stuff that impacts and changes lives at our live and legendary events including 2 sold-out immersion parties.


There's nothing like it out there esp. for single men! 


Have the power  and experience of Etienne and I in your corner for YOUR sessions..you can even ground WITH US (esp. if you have 2 monitors). 


So let's get it started!  You will also find that it greatly magnifies the results you get out of your own sessions in an onward way.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.



Vault 2



The MOST powerful aspect of my live events is the session time just like this (although a new experience every time).  You get it DIRECT here.


Buy Here for Instant Online Access....SD & Full HD .mp4 Versions available for download (including bonus extracted sample clips).  They ARE large files because of the high quality (but it's WORTH it so you can experience it all on the 'big screen')

Order Here

$1797  $997




OR Get full access with the 3 month pay-plan with Paypal right here:



(Apologies if it doesn't center properly)


4.4 + Hours of Full HD video (SD also available for your iPod, etc.) of a real Rion & Etienne 'session' that you can refer to over and over again and KEEP getting transformational value from.


Q: WHY does the Vault 2 cost more than the Vault 1? 



Because it is much longer, much higher quality and a much deeper experience. Vault 1 was our best product ever, according to customers. Vault 2 brings it to a whole new level.


 Remember that this is the zone of my 'magic' where in some cases (and that is represented in here), you can get life change in just 1 minute of my time when I'm doing alchemy (which has already anti-aged women and awakened their goddess) and that rate is $997/hour and rising.


The advantage of an exclusive video program like this allows us to keep it pre-qualified for people who would value it and use it while leveraging my time for your transformation. 



*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*


Either way 90 day refund is available if you are not satisfied.



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