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The Vault Sessions: Premium Self-Transformation Series


As a man; want to vault your sexual presence, creative powers, social value, psychic and transformational magic abilities?  Do love Natural Grounding? ...


 IntroducingTHE NEW

Vault 6: Thailand [HD]

p.s. I know how to center...the software's just not doing it proper!


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"This is extremely powerful stuff! It has a so incredibly good vibe I got tuned in in the very first minute! The combination of Rion`s energy with the NG videos are so powerful! My palms started to tingle right away. And I only watched the first part so far. This was just the warm up! I can`t imagine what`s coming! " - E.O., Female Alchemist, V6 Owner


The Series continues with the original founder and 'grandmaster' of Natural Grounding (sex transmutation & alchemy with media).


Work with the divine feminine directly and with chi 'life force' energy itself for more powerful experience, healing & evolution with a WEALTH of insight, training and experience in V6: Thailand. 


Fast Forward ur own evolution in this REAL all-nighter session time with el Rion and powerful models of female sexuality for transformation.


Since Vault 5 Rion has studied/trained 1-on-1 with Grandmaster Zhou in 3 levels of QiGong, started Tantra certification path, done more tantric healings and got Reiki Master certified. 


A LOT has evolved and changed since the last Vault session 1 annum ago including the $5000 Vision Breakthrough Summit Retreat and Vision1st Lifestyle retreat Immersion Parties. 


Rion is now ready to start Lightworking Artists in L.A. when he returns to work with actresses and dancers; he has had to process a LOT to clear out his energy field from what hused to be massive resentment towards Western women. 




U get to dive right into that energy field with real presence, techniques and process (fun) to help U evolve ur own attraction and social relations with high social value women who hold great sexual (and social) value. 


In otw we are doing a LOT of Western Natural Grounding alchemy in Vault 6 to connect u more to ur god-like powers which all has to do with ur relationship to Goddess; practically.


Copyrights belong to respective owners. Critique & reference used under Fair use copyright guidelines. All videos available on Youtube but recommended to purchase your favorist artists when and where available.


Leverage the mastery!  Save oodles of 'time' on ur own by immersing in.


"Started working through the first few Vault 6 segments last night and tonight - just really awesome! Super-special."


- A.S., V6 Owner


Rion has done 1000's of alchemy 'sessions' and its at the very core of his own evolution...the meta-physical transformation of consciousness power work direct with the divine feminine spirit - so he's able to bring you the real power and value when it comes to working (having fun) in the way that we do. 


U value ur ongoing growth.  And there's something to be said about investing in yourself with pro training and it's something Rion has done himself with other masters.  It's a big part of your up-leveling - especially when we consider we can leverage Youtube for 'free' much of the power and value gets lost.


Now, join Rion in a special 'all-nighter' session to awaken your deeper powers.  Around 4-5 HOURS were recorded May 6, 2017 in Nongprue Banglamung Thailand.


It started with Vault 1 & 2 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico..






And then there were 2 L.A. sessions.


Vault 3



Vault 4




And Colombia...1 year ago.




NOW...Get ready for the 6th recorded experience with entirely NEW and advanced training & resources!


We're even bringing in Britney b*tch.




Step into a session with the master himself and start processing and integrating the WEALTH of value in this resource. 


U will awaken more sexually, psychically and socially.


U will have more power, connection to source and FUEL to drive ur creative purpose.


"Saw the first part yesterday. Great material. The little Ive seen so far is even better than Vault 5." - I.S., V6 Owner


Most of the benefits and value is on your subconscious and will expand in different ways unfolding into your life including how women relate 2 u.


Vault 6 Includes:


A ton' o Western Natural Grounding for clearing out ur energy field towards people of higher social power and status so that u can more fluidly network, communicate and socialize with them (and date).


The Lightworking Codes


Crystal Alchemy


Because Rion doesn't do sessions WITHOUT energy work or crystals, he has included the upgraded form which have now become their own individual methodologies; TLC and CA.


When u do Lightworking Codes AND Natural Grounding the WORLD opens up for u in practical possibilities.  There are already hundreds of techniques in these Rion-founded methodologies and u will get to explore them in V6.


Rion has decided NOT to release this energy training for free to the public for a long time and will instead keep it for insider clients and take it to Hollywood. 


But because Rion doesn't do sessions without them (the past few years), he doesn't hold back on bringing the value 2 u.


Explore PROFESSIONAL energy work and crystal healing / magic with Rion in Vault 6. And have fun with it all too;




And....training in


QiGong/Reiki/Pranic Healing

(Lightworking Codes cross/upgrade)

Psychic Awakening

Grounding Techniques

Human Design exploration 'n insights

The 9 Chakra Master Playlist...experience

Energy reading...



to take ur own spiritual applied knowledge to a more specialized level (extract what's for u) in this self-awakening format.  But most important; getting u deep transformation and results.


All with some of ur favorite artists as well; AOA, Alizee, SNSD, etc.


And since Thailand is the source of Natural Grounding, there is something special planned


For NEXT-level seriosity and mastery, trust ur instincts invest in the Vault 6.  It's a resource to continually extract rich , practical and expansive value from; not something u would just use once while being at a savings from Rion's hourly rate for transformation and energy consulting.




For sexual attraction;


Traditional NG will get you that sexuality polarity alignment but how do you experience connection with empowered social and independent women in our social reality? 


Apply and experience WNG to see major up-level in your social reality with popular women who used to avoid you.  Rion is there to guide u.



Although most spiritualists renounce or are non-conscious with transformational media and entertainment, Rion is the go-to source for awakening with meta-physical power.


This matters b/c he is stepping into his role as energy consultant to Hollywood and the performance entertainment industries (music, dance, film).  Want more star power without having to be at a live event? Get the Vault 6.


SINCE Vault 4, Rion has further studied with 3 grandmasters.  Held a few more legendary live workshops (Rome, L.A.), done more powerful healings in the hot seat for clients. 


Went to China with Grandmaster Zhou where he was activated at the source of Tai Chi (Wudang) with the Master (an incredibly rare experience), further amplify his healing power and abilities to effect deep transformation in men seeking greater alignment and connection themselves.





We do power releasing work with V6 and the Lightworking Codes but NG is centered around the Law of Resonance and it's ability to transform you; that of which Rion has become a true master and leading authority in; a leader of sorts in the transformational entertainment movement with the future of entertainment experience here and now; fusing spirituality, sexuality, transformation WITH entertainment media. 


..And our abilitiy to work directly with goddess power 24/7 without having to be in a goddess tantra puja.  Giving u DIRECT ACCESS into the level of flow and vibes of a real session to empower and take ur own sessions to the stars.


A male alchemist like yourself can leverage these greater meta-physical powers for great spiritual, sexual, emotional and social evolution of consciousness, embodiment, attraction and soul purpose alignment. It's transmutation - on steroids.


Where else do you get to work powerfully with Goddess energy without having to have a partner?  Tao and Tantra are the only things that come close and Rion is now a lifelong student of BOTH of those paths which he is integrating into what we do here.


Love media?  Love entertainment? 

Love sex AND your spiritual growth?

Want more sexual and creative power?  Social respect and flow?


You're in the right place to unlock these POWERS.

(@ a fraction of the hourly total cost to work with Rion privately).

In your own private awakening sessions.





Don't wait for Vault 7! - there are worlds of profound gold in Vault 5 including timeless spiritual insight and foundational training that will shift you LIVE.


There's something also to be said about the few men who are investing in this before it becomes popular and before Rion has celeb clients when more people will THEN be interested; this is where it all came from...the foundation.


So if these transformational results and values matter to integrating in UR life and ur foundation or evolutionary support; isn't it something to take serious?  And isn't that different from the men who insist on continuing to do Natural Grounding 'for free' b/c it's on youtube and it must be free or a low value thing?


If you're pro and treat it seriously; investing in the training and support to get MORE results and value out of it is a no-brainer - even if it's already so insane. Vault 6 will stretch and grow u guaranteed.


Oh - and u will still get the 90 day refund or credit if it's not 4 u


"Yeah, I think, minutes like 12-16 of the last video on vault 1, I'm having the greatest natural grounding experience, of my life. Some of my best experience 

You get access directly to this experience in the Vault Series.


more than $277 worth of value out of this!!!   :-)  & I might even end up watching it more than I did Star Wars as a kid...


 Course, I probably watched the original 3 at least 30 times *each* growing up... Then again its midnight & I've been grounding to Vault 1 / studying the last two videos for almost six hours & just taking a break to remember what breathing normally felt like..." - E.S.




Really awesome Rion! Thanks for opening up and sharing your experience with us (in Vault 1). I look forward to future vaults. Kaizen! ;-)
Stay Gold!   -Marc







What we do with sexual alchemy is primarily sexual polarity meditation which is the #1 sexual attraction technique / method AND number 1 sex transmutation method in the world. 


It's called Natural Grounding and u will be immersed in V6.


But just doing Natural Grounding doesn't mean you're getting BIG results or transformation; let alone even CLOSE to what's possible that could change your life from  Beta to Alpha in an instant.


Just 'doing Natural Grounding' could be closer to watching videos and getting a good feeling here and there.  That's not where the power is.


The power is in working with conscious sex energy (chi ; life force) itself and how it heals and transforms your consciousness.  This is about sex TRANSMUTATION and in growing ur abilities to move energies, release energies and attune much faster for healing, creative, charisma and attraction.


Copyrights belong to respective owners. Critique & reference used under Fair use copyright guidelines. All videos available on Youtube but recommended to purchase your favorist artists when and where available.






Vault 6 is for advanced practitioners but it's done in a way which is easy to just dive right in


NG has done transformative miracles for 100s or 1000s of men around the world.  If you're reading this, you probably already know.  Now you can dig in for your own ability and expanding mastery alchemy with Natural Grounding for power results.




"I've been watching the first two videos of the Vault Series yesterday and I felt some strong> very powerful energy activations in my body. Awesome session! It's like I'm in the room with you and Etienne, which makes for a completely different experience. Instead of just being in front of a computer on my own, I'm now masterminding with you two and I can feel the increased power.
You talked about David Hawkins' Map of Consciousness and the LOC calibrations in the first video. Interestingly, I've just started an intense 3-month course based on the work of Hawkins to increase my Level of Consciousness..So it's not a coincidence that you're talking about this now in the Vault. I was wondering if you've calibrated some of your sessions and also some of the artists and music videos you use?"
Have an awesome day!   -Steven




"I find the Qi NG program your greatest achievement and creation yet because of its immense magnitude, scope and because it is absolutely revolutionary.

Like an amplifier which was on standbye before and now switched on.
Like having access to only about 40% potential and now 100% or ever expanding potential etc.

The Vault series...an unforgettable experience like a live event.

I have been thinking the whole weekend about what to write because you cannot just go:

'Great product' or, 'Rion's best product ever!'  Although these statements are very positive it wouldn't do service to the magnificence of it.

To someone who has just downloaded all five files and is preparing for a session, let me tell you this:  'Get ready to be transformed'


The samples on youtube with Etienne are a good introduction to what you will be getting but as Etienne rightfully wrote: 'we were just warming up'

I downloaded all five files the same day I got your access mail and watched everything in one row.  The introduction with you alone was very interesting with new videos and insights.  When Etienne joined we had a kind of a warm up. Quite loose and a light party state.  Whereas the further in the series when you were solo again things started getting more intense..

With the Vault Series:

The first hit of strong emotions for me was when I saw the geeyourlove video which was quite an experience in the immersion party...

..When you said 'this stuff changes f*cking lives!' I had tears in my eyes too.

and the last parts with first Palmy and finally - and Rion, I think my reaction to this video during the IP made you realize how strong this video actually is, especially at the right moment - with the Heaven on Earth Good life video:

I collapsed exactly like during the (sold out transformational entertainment) Immersion Party. (it was only a little shorter because you didn't repeat the video partially like you did during the IP but the intensity was the same)

The surprise effect is very powerful and something you cannot have when controlling the flow of songs in a session yourself.  Here you are guided and each next song is unexpected

Who wrote "Don't worry, we will leave you inconsolable during the event" before the Budapest IP?  That was Rion, the clairvoyant :)

I didn't expect it actually and during the second day on the IP in Budapest thought it wouldn't happen and was even a bit disappointed that I couldn't get more emotional .
till it finally and totally unexpected happened.

Well, that transforms.

And this video series here, that transformed too.  -D.W. -Europe



"Best product you've put out. I'll say more later probably, but it has the perfect mix of talking and more 'experiential' stuff. Also, Etienne's got a really infectious laugh&" - G.M. (on V1)


I charge $1000/hour for energy work and with Vault you get around 4 hours of me 'in the zone'. 


Vault sessions are meant to be long-term resources to keep learning and growing with...they're not just something you use once.  Invest in Vault 5 TODAY and start experiencing the power as it helps transform your reality and open up entirely new levels of awareness, embodiment, confidence and connection.



Vault 6: HD





Access begins after purchase.

Buy Here for Near 'Instant' Starter Online Access....If there are access issues, contact me on FB or via email.  It should redirect u. FULL ACCESS AVAILABLE NOW.


They ARE large files because of the high quality (but it's WORTH it so you can experience it all on the 'big screen')


Vault sessions are meant to be long-term resources to keep learning and growing with...they're not just something you use once.  Invest in Vault 6 TODAY and start experiencing the power as it helps transform your reality and open up entirely new levels of awareness, embodiment, confidence and connection.  The treasures are within and include some legendary resources as well.And let's get it started!!


*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*


Either way 90 day refund or credit is available if you are not satisfied.


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